The Oval Office Address and Democratic Rebuttal is More Important Than You Think

Five days ago, on January 7th at 1:44, President Trump announced his first Primetime Oval Office address. His address was set for January 8th at 9:00 EST and he was going to discuss the border crisis and wall. Within that one day, a firestorm and scurry was created as Democrats were in a rush to write a rebuttal of his address. CNN’s Don Lemon and Susan Hennessey even suggested delaying the broadcast due to Trump possibly using it for propaganda and lies.

As the address became closer, the Democratic response was made official, with House Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer leading it in the U.S. Capital. They were set to respond to President Trump right after his address was over and they did just that.

If you were like me, my excitment to watch this go down was very big. With the tensions of the future being incredibly unpredictable due to the government shutdown still dragging on, this was huge. This was President Trump speaking face to face to the American people about one of the most controversial things during his presidency, the border wall.

He delivered this address professionally, maturely, and factually even though there were countless people stating that it would be propoganda filled, and built with fear mongering lies. It was absolutely hysterical seeing the main stream media fact check as if every word he said was a lie. Here is the thing, he was right on everything he said. The Washington Post did a fact check on the address, and I strongly suggest you read it. That’s not what I am here to talk about though.

President Trump’s most controversial campaign promise was the border wall to prevent illegal immigration and other security threats such as the caravan that came to the border. He has specifically called for this wall by not only bringing in statistics to support the claim, but also by bringing up heartbreaking stories of American’s losing their lives to illegal immigrants.

On the Democratic side, the majority of their argument was stating that a wall is immoral and is a waste of money. They continuously claim that they advocate for border security, and they also mentioned how we can spend money on “smart, effective border solutions.”

The Oval office address showed us something that we haven’t really seen this clearly.

There is a battle right now over the American people.

In Trump’s address he has expressed his absolute concern for the American people. Here is a list of his quotes specifically talking about his care for the American people and how we have been effected by illegal immigration.

“But all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled, illegal migration. It strains public resources and drives down jobs and wages. Among those hardest hit are African Americans and Hispanic Americans.”

“Every week, 300 of our citizens are killed by heroin alone, 90 percent of which floods across from our southern border. More Americans will die from drugs this year than were killed in the entire Vietnam War.”

“Over the years, thousands of Americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country, and thousands more lives will be lost if we don’t act right now.”

“These are the resources they have requested to properly perform their mission and keep America safe. In fact, safer than ever before.”

“They don’t build walls because they hate the people on the outside, but because they love the people on the inside.”

I think you get the point by now. Here are the quotes from the Democratic address regarding the safety of the American people and those effected by illegal immigration.

There are none.

There is only one statement, made by Pelosi, talking about this illegal immigration issue other than how “the women and children” at the border are not a security threat, even though that’s not what President Trump has talked about.

And the fact is: President Trump must stop holding the American people hostage, must stop manufacturing a crisis, and must re-open the government.

“Must stop manufacturing a crisis”? They don’t care about you! They don’t care about the facts!

Their main focus of the address was the government shutdown, not the safety of the American people. The government shutdown that was said to happen if the budget did not include funding for the wall. If they truly cared about this shutdown, they could have easily set aside the money. It is estimated that over $100 billion is spent on the welfare of undocumented immigrants each year.

At the beginning of the shutdown, Pelosi went on a vacation to Hawaii as Trump stayed behind and worked.

Their false concern for the American people should scare you. President Trump has been working tirelessly to bring a wall to this country to secure the border and to protect us. Multiple times throughout their speech they would claim Trump is lying and has only resorted to fear. They divided this country even more, as President Trump sat down to unify.

They only want to stop Trump. They are using you, the American people, as hostage to not let the wall be built. They don’t care about your safety, if they did they would have expressed concern about it. But they did not.

Even The Washington Post came out and said Trump won this.

The broadcast of these two events delivered one message and one message only. President Trump cares about you, and the Democrats only care about stopping him. They revealed their true agenda clearly as they talked face to face to us, the people.


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