Yellow Vests Revolt

Is history repeating itself France? Imagine looking out onto Paris and seeing the masses engage violently against authority as the French demand low taxes. Were you picturing Paris in the 18th century through 19th century or Frenchmen in yellow vest now in 2018? The French Revolution started because of a number of different reasons such as high unfair taxes, mistreatment among the estates etc.

The revolts in Paris that are happening now, in 2018, started mainly because of high taxes that the President of France, Macron implemented. When Macron rose to power, he had the environment at the front of his agenda and he rose the fuel tax and Green tax to supposedly fight climate change. There is clearly corruption in the Green tax because if this large amount of money that is being taken from the French did help stop or slow the rate of climate change, then why is Macron’s goal to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 but emissions are rising by 75% ?

Who are the Yellow Vests and what do they want? The Yellow Vests choose to wear yellow vests for a reason, it’s a symbol of the working class, and French drivers are required to have yellow vests in case of an emergency to draw attention. Now the French are using those vests to draw attention to their demonstrations. The French were angry that the standard of living in France is way too high and minimum wage is too low and to top it all off the fuel and Green tax caused them to demand change via violent demonstrations.

Just like the French Revolution, the Yellow Vest Movement also started because of other issues and not just taxes, that issue being globalists. Globalists in France and through out the world seem to only care for their power and political gain, and not their own people. The people of France are furious that their country is getting shoved around and letting refugees enter and destroy their culture and history, this is giving the French a sense of nationalism.

“The more things change the more they stay the same.” 133 people were injured and 412 were arrested on December 2, 2018 in Paris. We must ponder and look back on history to learn from mistakes and to see what may repeat it’s self. For all we know, sooner or later the French could be shouting “Vive la révolution!”


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