What Josh Hawley Winning in Missouri Means

Republican Josh Hawley defeated Democrat incumbent Claire McCaskill for Missouri Senate last Tuesday during the midterms. Josh Hawley was the Attorney General in Missouri from 2016-2018, and did face some speculation, (which was aforementioned in McCaskill’s campaign commercials) . He’s made quite a few mistakes as Attorney General. First of all, he refused to investigate Eric Greitens, Republican governor who was being accused of some very concerning accusations of sexual assault and intimidation. Most recently, a woman accused Greitens of forcing her to perform intercourse, touching her without consent, and then allegedly threatened to release a photo of her nude back in 2015. The governor was also accused of physically slapping another woman, first reported by local CBS. Hawley’s refusal to investigate, and telling the media that he’s innocent, sparked speculation that it was politically motivated and he was putting political opinion, over his job. But Claire McCaskill is no better.

Claire McCaskill has been “representing” Missouri in the Senate since 2006, why “representing” instead of just representing, well… she hasn’t represented Missouri, she’s gone all Washington. Over 85% of Missourians didn’t want Claire to vote in favor of Obama Care in 2010, she did anyway, she sided with Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton in voting in favor of a national energy tax that would put Missourians jobs at risk, and she owns a private plane… that she doesn’t keep in Missouri, to avoid personal property tax, but she has no problem signing laws that raise taxes for her constituents. McCaskill was your prototypical corrupt politician and she is someone that a lot of rural Missouri, won’t miss very much.

So now that Josh Hawley is in the Senate, what does this mean? It means that Missouri now has two Republicans in the Senate for the first time since 2006 when McCaskill took over. But Hawley is going to have to put all the speculation and controversy behind him and try and end a run of republicans coming out of Missouri that have not done their job. The last several Republicans that have been elected in Missouri have been “weak links” very passive to call out the left, and never was anything special. It starts with Missouri’s last governor Eric Greitens, who eventually resigned before he would be impeached for his sexual assault allegations. But another problem with Greitens was that he’s only been a republican for 6 years, before that he was a prominent Democrat, so prominent in fact that he was special guest to the White House of President Obama four separate times from 2008-2011. I’m sure if you told Missouri conservatives this they wouldn’t like it. And back in 2012 when McCaskill was up for re-election again, the race was down to three Republicans, John Breuhner, Sarah Steelman, and Todd Akin. Breuhner and Steelman were strong candidates, Akin was the weak link, and McCaskill’s campaign manager(s) knew that and took advantage. Every poll showed that she could not beat Breuhner or Steelman, but she could beat Akin, so she tried to trick Missouri Republicans, saying the only one she could not beat was Akin, so, everyone voted for Akin… then he cost himself with a poor answer referring to abortion (A ‘ gotcha ” question), which ended his chances of winning completely.

So, what does Josh Hawley winning mean? It means that the pressure is on him to end the drought of bad Republicans coming out of Missouri. Let’s hope he comes through


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