My Anti-Trump Protest Experience

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I have been planning on making our first YouTube video. I have been absolutely excited for it, not only cause its another way to reach out to everyone but it was going to be footage of a Refuse Fascism protest in Atlanta. The video was going to have a guest, my friend Zack Bohannon, President of YAF at Kennesaw State. We were planning on going around the protest asking people questions and of course exposing the ignorance and hypocrisy of the Left.

It didn’t go as planned, but we do have experience, and son of a gun the protest was funny.

The protest was located at Martin Luther King, Jr. National Historic Park Amphitheater. We arrived maybe 15 minutes early and set up with everything. We were able to record a introduction and we basically just waited for more people to get there.

Wow, it was disappointing. There were probably around 10 people in a circle with signs saying “No! The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go!” Others had small pieces of paper in front of them as they stood courageously and fiercely protesting against Trump(sarcasm.) They also had big signs lined up against the bushes, and sadly I wasn’t able to read them.

Right before they started, I noticed a lady was walking towards us. She asked us why were here, who we were with, and even asked us our political views. Seriously, she did. Were we being rude or anything? Nope. We were being very polite, answering questions while you can tell she didn’t want anyone opposing here. We mentioned we were here to learn about the organization and interview people. Her response was that they have a website. I wasn’t surprised but then again I haven’t seen this in person. She then got our information and left.

What should you and I learn from that simple conversation? They are afraid. They don’t want different views. They simply are there to hate. Her asking our political views even when we said we wanted to learn more about this organization in a nice manner, proves that. She asked our opinion more specifically on Kavanaugh. That was immaturity on her part! They cant handle a different view!

After that fun conversation, a National Park Ranger came to us. He was a nice guy and asked if we had a permit to film. We didn’t. Long story short we had to stop filming.

We were devastated, but that’s ok. We learned and will come back stronger. We were ready.

But that didn’t stop us from staying there! Here are somethings I learned:

  1. They love chanting! The majority of their dialogue was them chanting, and I might say it was entertaining. The “leaders” would say “repeat Hell no after me!” and then would list off things they don’t like such as border wall, Muslim ban, fascism and many other things. One instance, a young man maybe a year younger than me went up to the open discussion they had. He of course talked about how orange man bad and all that stuff, but when he didn’t know what to say, guess what he did? Start a chant! Yep, they started a chant saying, “No Trump regime, no KKK, no fascist USA!”
  2. It was mainly older people there. Yes you hear all the time about millennials protesting all the time, which is true! But at this protest, there was probably one teenager, three people in their twenties and the rest older.
  3. A child was there. I was absolutely sickened. A young child was behind the leaders as they shouted hell no through megaphones.

So everyone that knew I was doing this, I am sorry this didn’t go as planned. But we are ready for the next time. We will be back!




One comment

  1. How ignorant are you to think that only your beliefs are the “right” ones? I would consider myself liberal/ a democrat but I’m not stupid enough to convince myself that people who think differently than myself don’t have any basis behind their values. I understand the “right” believes in a limited government and why that can be a good thing. I understand why hard working americans want to limit the amount of their hard earned money that goes toward taxes. I understand that it’s important to protect our national security. These are all important points to keep in mind and I completely see the side of those who think that way. But, do you really think that wanting to eliminate discrimination, implement programs for citizens that are less fortunate than you (a position that you seem to be unable to understand- as a “christian” I would think you would be better at having empathy and ‘loving thy neighbor’), protect people from violence and expand people’s rights is a bad thing? These are the goals of the proverbial “left”, all of which represent living with COMPASSION, and if you haven’t been able to gather that information, then you’re guilty of selective attention, and that’s just the truth of the matter. It’s interesting that you criticized the protest for its lack of content when conservative protests tend to mirror that as well. You can’t write off an entire political belief system based on a handful of people. You have to be pretty arrogant to think that other people’s sides don’t have any basis. Find some respect.


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