Who is running for a LP Senate?

Who are the runners for the Libertarian Party for US Senate?

The Libertarian Party has a total of 19 runners in 19 states for US Senate in this year’s 2018 midterms. Though each candidate has their respective successes, there are a couple honorable mentions that stand out.  But before those mentions, who are all of the Libertarian candidates running for US Senate?

Here is a list, in alphabetical order by state, of the U.S. Senate Libertarian Candidates:

Arizona- Barry Hess

Connecticut- Richard Lion

Delaware- Nadine Frost

Indiana- Lucy Brenton

Maryland- Arvin Vorha

Mississippi- Danny Bedwell

Missouri- Japheth Campbell

Montana- Rick Breckenridge

Nebraska- Jim Schultz

Nevada- Tim Hagan

New Jersey- Murray Sabrin

New Mexico- Gary Johnson

Ohio- Bruce Jaynes

Pennsylvania- Dale Kerns

Texas- Neal Dikeman

Utah- Craig Bowden

Virginia- Matt Waters

West Virginia- Rusty Hollen

Wyoming- Joseph Parambo

One of the honorable mentions is Gary Johnson. He has brought the Libertarian Party several iotas of success. His involvement in the Libertarian Party has contributed more votes than ever, and has even brought the party further into the spotlight, in both good and bad ways.

Another honorable mention, is Arvin Vohra. He is an honorable mention because of his fore-coming 2020 attempt at the Libertarian Presidential hopeful. He is one of the few Libertarians who are going to challenge the 2-Party election system.


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