“Hate Speech” and Why it Doesn’t Exist

“Hate speech” is a term thrown around consistently by the Left and has even become more popular on campus. The definition of “hate speech” is “speech that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability.”

We see three separate actions in this definition: Attack, Threaten, and Insult.

Attacking and threatening is easily punishable by law, if there is an actual threat against someone inciting violence. But that’s not what the Left mainly uses this term for.

They mainly use the term “hate speech” on insults and opposing beliefs. College campuses today have made a massive deal about it due to the culture of political correctness. It has gotten so bad, there are designated spaces on campus called “safe spaces,” where one can become sheltered from opposing views and other things.

It is extremely hard to define and even find examples of this specific “hate speech,” because it doesn’t exist. “Hate speech” is merely speech one does not like.

An article titled “We are all responsible for calling out hate speech” written by Sean Eikhoff for The Sentinel at Kennesaw State University, can give a clue what the Left is talking about. Not only does Eikhoff dive right into our responsibility of telling people what is acceptable and what isn’t it, the article doesn’t even tell us what “hate speech” is. And yes, I know; hate is in the term, but that’s not really what he is talking about here. So what is he talking about?

Offensive words! Here are two quotes from the article that steer in that direction.

“The often unexpected reality is that offensive language may not be intended as offensive. Someone may use hurtful words not out of hate, but rather because they are under educated about the group they are insulting.”

“When it comes to topics like religion or women’s rights, some students may inadvertently say something vulgar as a joke. This is not okay by any means, and they should be informed as such.”

I don’t know if its just me, but this sounds authoritarian. Why on earth should you tell me what I can say? Now let me be super clear here, I do not advocate for calling derogatory names, vulgar jokes, etc. But you can say it. Son of a gun, what has happened to America? We are living in this new society where people can accuse you of “hate speech” simply because they are offended by what you say!

Language can be perceived differently by many people. One person might find it offensive and another might not. If you are going to use this term “hate speech,” it should specifically be talking about real threats. And those threats should be treated seriously according to the law.

So instead of getting offended by someone’s joke, grow up and ignore it. If you don’t like someone’s opposing views, ignore it or you can be civil and talk with them to get middle ground. This politically correct culture right now is destroying freedom and is honestly just immature.

Stay safe and be vigilant.



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