The Kennesaw State University Sentinel Kavanaugh Rebuttal

On September 25, 2018, the Kennesaw State University student newspaper organization, The Sentinel, published an editorial called, “Kavanaugh is not a worthy candidate.” Written by the editorial staff, the article discussed the controversial Supreme Court nomination, Brett Kavanaugh, and the sexual assault allegations made against him. By the title, the stance of the writers becomes clear. This article not only had a empty and dishonest argument, it showed the absolute ignorance of the left on college campuses today. I am refuting this article to reveal the false statements thrown around during this debate on Kavanaugh.

The article begins by going over the accusations against Brett Kavanaugh and President Trump’s response. According to the editorial staff, Dr. Christine Ford agreeing to testify to the Senate Judiciary Committee was “to bravely debunk the vague perceptions of a very real and scary reality for too many.” Dr. Ford is the first alleged victim to accuse Kavanaugh of sexual assault. She claims that at a high school party, in the summer of 1982, Kavanaugh tried to rape her. The allegation exploded into a massive dispute between those who believe Kavanaugh and those who believe Dr. Ford.

I copied sentences that I would be focusing on. This is where it began to fall apart, so lets break it down.

“The idea which the Kavanaugh debate is being shifted from a moral issue to a political one goes to show that the amount of credibility towards victims of sexual assault is far lower than it should ever be.” – Editorial

The reason why the credibility of Dr. Ford is far lower that it should ever be is because she has absolutely no credibility period. She remembers very little, waited around 36 years and then made the claim that this happened. Dr. Ford simply has no location, no exact date, no time, no knowledge of who paid for her polygraph etc. Also, a former boyfriend of six years just came out to say she never told him of this situation. Kavanaugh has had 65 women that are friends with him come out to support him and his character. The four witnesses Dr. Ford named have all refuted the alleged events.

The article was incredibly empty throughout as there was truly no argument to support Kavanaugh as being undeserving of the Supreme Court seat. It went from an introduction, to sexual assault statistics and victims being doubted, to Kavanaugh deserving a seat in prison. The whole core of the argument about Kavanaugh not deserving the seat is missing, as they only assumed that these allegations are completely true. Believing a allegation without any evidence to support it is not a worthy argument. The whole accusation is filled with holes that make many question its credibility. The article shifted from statistics on sexual assault, to mere opinion, to ignorant attacks on Kavanaugh. Therefore, this article’s argument was nonexistent as it didn’t elaborate on evidential claims to support its reasoning.

“If Kavanaugh were appointed to the Supreme Court, our government would be telling survivors of sexual assault they don’t matter and that “boys being boys” can be elected to the highest seat in our judicial system. Kavanaugh deserves a seat in prison, not on the Supreme Court.” – Editorial

Apparently if Kavanaugh is appointed to the Supreme Court, the government is telling sexual assault victims that they don’t matter and that boys are just being boys? Is this a joke? Did I actually just read that? Devious attacks like this are used constantly by left-leaning news. They are trying to make the supporters of Kavanaugh look bad. This statement was, again, not supported by any evidence as no politicians in support of Kavanaugh are saying it’s a matter of “boys being boys.” To become even more clear, no politician in support of Kavanaugh is even excusing that alleged behavior. This was an absolute fraudulent statement that tries to earn your attention.

“We don’t understand why our system operates in favor of rapists, and even more than that, we don’t understand why anyone in the Senate would risk the possibility of having a rapist join the Supreme Court.” – Editorial

Just the fact that they are already calling him a rapist should raise red flags. Neither side has been proven and an FBI investigation is now being placed on the situation. So why are the authors jumping to the conclusion of Kavanaugh’s identity as a rapist? What has happened to due process? Innocent until proven guilty?

“If Kavanaugh couldn’t be respectful enough of another human being to understand the concept of consent, then we highly doubt he can respect the constitution enough to make decisions as a Supreme Court Justice.” – Editorial

Then again, they assume that the allegations are true even without evidence.

“The truth is, however, that these arguments silence the victim and give more power to the abuser.

By considering this man as a part of our Supreme Court, we are sending a message to victims everywhere.” – Editorial

I simply do not comprehend how this is giving more power to the abuser. Kavanaugh and his family have been getting death threats. He has been mocked on Saturday Night Live and late night shows just because of these allegations. Kavanaugh has had his power, his credibility and character stripped away due to these allegations. He has not received any power, at all. No one is silencing Ford. They are now doing an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh.

All of this shows the absolute dishonesty of this article as they brought up even more false claims. Kavanaugh has been under attack because the Left is trying their absolute hardest to keep him out of the Supreme Court. This very ignorance is a prime example of how due process and truth has been spat on and forgotten. This is an absolute scheme to keep Kavanaugh from the position. Seemingly in 2018, allegations are enough to ruin a life. Either if these allegations are believable or not, we should still hear out these allegations and determine what to do. But here is the thing, these allegations aren’t believable. This is a joint effort that is peeling back more of the swamp in front of our eyes revealing more corruption as the left is trying to gain their power. This is just like the Salem Witch Trials.

This is a witch hunt.

The Sentinel, you most likely will hear more from me. I am always open to discuss.







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