“Desmond is Amazing” Should Concern You.

7:50 PM EST | September 11, 2018

When I was eleven years old, my day to day activities included fishing with friends in my neighborhood, building Legos and watching Disney Channel. That was in 2011.

Things have changed. For Desmond Napoles (aka Desmond is Amazing), his activities include being a “drag kid,” being an advocate for the LGBTQ youth and being a fashion designer. He is eleven now.

Desmond, was born in 2007, during New York City’s pride week and says when he was born that was him coming out of the closet. On his website, it details his life growing up as he wanted to wear dresses, developed his gender to be gender fluid and his “first big break” on the RuPaul Drag Race show in 2014. In 2015, he began going to NYC pride parades and his story and fame got even bigger has be began to get attention from news outlets.

My heart aches. Not only has the left promoted this, they have glorified this.

HuffPost for example has said that he is proof the future is queer.

Plain and simple, this is a kid who dresses up as the opposite sex. He hasn’t even reached puberty.

What has happened to morals and common sense? I have so much to say about this but at the same time my heart breaks by seeing how bad the world has become. If this is being promoted now, what is next? The very idea of people dressing up as opposite genders boggles my mind, but now kids are beginning to do it?

Here’s the issue. It’s the parents.

The parents let him dress up the way he wanted to, his parents let him go to these parades, his parents are the ones who made his social media.

On his website, you have quite a few news sources listed that have talked about him. I already have named HuffPost, but we also see more big names like CNBC, NowThis, Yahoo and the Daily Mail UK.

NowThis has said he is a drag kid changing the world. Yahoo reposted the article, “Desmond is Amazing and the Art of Raising a Child Drag Queen.” He has been a guest on Youtube channels and continues to perform as a drag kid. He has also attended RuPaul’s Dragcon in 2017.

The left is putting this in our face. They are using this kid to spread their agenda. What will you do about it? You should be concerned.

Desmond isn’t proving to us that the future is queer. He is proving to us that the leftist agenda is getting worse. Marriage used to be between a man and a woman, but now they have redefined marriage. Gender used to be only man and woman but now there are countless genders and they keep making more as we each day goes. The freedom of speech used to be one of the most important rights but now they are taking it away from conservatives. Socialism used to be hated but now they are saying socialism is the future.

My hearts mourns for America, as morals continue to crumble and traditions are swept under the rug. What is next America?

Stay safe and be vigilant.


One comment

  1. Let’s not make this political. Let’s call it what it is. Parents going too far without the child’s best interest! I do not see this any different than parents having a religious or dietary agenda with their offspring. No immunizations, homeschooled, Morman, Amish…It is fucked up. Social science has proven that the development and well being of a human child must have a belonging and a healthy diet. It really starts with fat kids, drug-addled parents, and education. A human being is biologically not fully formed in our life cycle until their 20’s. Let Desmond live out loud… Yet respect the fact that it is fine for people not to buy it!


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