The Burka Debate in the UK

Due To Recent Comments By Politician Boris Johnson, The Public’s True Opinion Of Face Veils Have Been Exposed- And The Government Isn’t Happy

Sofia Rodriguez | @sofia_rodriguez_x

3:00 PM EST, August 17th 2018

Recent comments made by British politician, Boris Johnson, comparing women wearing face veils to ‘bank-robbers’ and ‘letter-boxes’ have uncovered a surprising lack of support for such garments held by the U.K. public. Despite these comparisons somewhat contributing to a potential plan to replace May with Johnson, they have sparked an interesting discussion.

A Sky Data Poll found that 60% of people were opposed to punishment of the former foreign secretary, whilst an ITV snap survey found 64% of people to favour the side of free speech. Other surveys found the support for Johnson much higher.

This response was not expected by the government or Theresa May, who last year declared she would not take action against face-covering veils and also told Johnson to apologize for his comparisons. Many see this as a double-standard in a country where balaclavas and motorcycle helmets are not permitted in many public areas such as petrol stations and banks due to security reasons.

It has been believed that numerous suspects of violent extremist behaviour have avoided detection through wearing a niqab and pretending to be females. Last year, a group of individuals wore these face veils when robbing many stores, collecting over £100,000 ($127,500) due to avoiding detection as a result of these items.

Inability to identify individuals can be seen as a threat to security, dehumanizing, oppressive, and negatively impacting integration. In fact, Muslim figures such as Imam Dr Taj Hargey denounced the burka and other face veils during a segment of the Sunday Morning Debate Show, declaring them as un-Islamic and inappropriate in this society.

He argued it was simply a cultural, misinterpreted practice carried out in some Muslim countries which should not be replicated. Dr Hargey has an unexpected stance as a Muslim, and an Imam in fact, however presents the case that there is no Islamic or Quranic backing for face-veils as there are no verses in the Quran which call for it.

The opinions of both the government and the media has clearly failed to infiltrate the minds of the majority of British people, as they feel threatened by not being able to see who they are talking to or passing by on the street.

Owen Jones claims on the same debate segment that there are only a few thousand women wearing niqabs or burkas in the U.K. overal. This is seen as false by the public, as thousands can be seen in many individual towns or cities alone. The numbers appear to increase and segregate groups of people from one another, halting integration and developing identification threats in public places. And the people of Britain have had enough.


Sky Data Poll – ( https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/news.sky.com/story/amp/sky-data-poll-comparing-women-who-wear-burkas-to-bank-robbers-not-racist-11465688 )

Armed Robberies committed wearing burkas – ( https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/robbers-dressed-up-burkas-steal-13003217.amp )

Sunday Morning Debate Show including Dr Taj Hargey – ( https://youtu.be/qlY40oM8flY )


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