America is in Imminent Danger: The Lesson Europe Provides the US

Sofia Rodriguez | @sofiarodriguez_x

7:00 PM EST, August 3rd 2018

The United States of America: The Land of The Free. Once, there were other nations of truly free people. Now, those times are only remembered in the words told by those who once lived in it; whispered as stories to the youngest generation.

Europe lives in its own End Of Times. It has crept towards the death of freedom. A desperate attempt to reach self destruction is rapidly succeeding.

The people of Europe were sold out and replaced under the mask of freedom, because they didn’t know that this freedom received wasn’t for them. It was for the people who wanted to destroy theirs. It was so that they could be dominated and never be able to question it.

They’re expected to stay quiet and willingly participate in the replacement of morals and decency, and for the most part they do. Some don’t realize, because it is all they’ve known. Some are aware of the operation orchestrated by their governments in the name of a false equality and to gain new voters, yet they feel helpless.

It is a simple act of genius. Any great, ill-intentioned government knows the first piece in the puzzle to develop complete dominance over its people: control what they can say.

First, they make people compliant in laws which classify certain things as hate speech, because most people don’t like hate. Then they stretch this definition to fit anything they like, including reasonable criticism. Make people be involved in their own silencing. Genius.

America is tricky. The First Amendment makes it more difficult for this first step. In truth, it is the only step, because it is a dam which- when broken down- allows the flood to arrive. It matters more than anything as far as freedom is concerned. That First Amendment is first for a reason, and it should be kept that way.

The American people must realize this. In Europe, people are starting to, but way too late. Aside from the lasting opposition to this downfall held in Eastern Europe, the countries have begun to collapse one by one.

What use is Europe now? It is a warning. America needs to preserve it’s western morals and principles, for itself, for support of Eastern Europe, and for the sake of the people trapped in dying nations.

Now the goal is to make you go the same way, so that they can destroy the foundation of their countries and their people without interference. Every aware American should scream it out to all: really look at Europe. Go there and see.

The streets stink of conflict as rapes, murders and child exploitation fly through the roof. Convictions for child groomers are squashed whilst people get prison time for exposing them.

America, see that it is starting to happen there as well. The push is well on it’s way. The First Amendment is what protects you from drowning like everywhere else.

For the sake of the people in the world looking for some sort of hope, don’t stop fighting for your liberty to stay intact.


One comment

  1. To be honest this peice wasn’t very factual and i would prefer to see sourced statistics about the crimes rates you mentionned rising included within the article. I also think you could’ve expanded more upon the idea of steps you mentionned then concluded almost instantly. Examples of the eastern European countries dying and some examples of false prosecutions under hate speech laws would also be useful at validating your points. And other than some semi meaningless filler at the start overall this article was good although the points were very diluted and could be a lot more concise and direct if rewritten.


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