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Another Instance Of Fake News By The Mainstream Media!

By Erick Reynolds | July 24th, 2018 | 1:08 PM EST

Today, CNN, among many other media outlets reported during a speech to Turning Point USA’s High School Leadership Summit, Attorney General Jeff Sessions laughed and began a chant of “Lock Her Up”, referring to 2016 Democratic Party runner-up, Hillary Clinton. The AG simply stated that he had “heard that quite a lot.” The mainstream outlets are attacking the AG for these comments he didn’t make. I have been told by multiple people that are currently at this event that what the AG said wasn’t what they the media has been reporting. It is absolutely disgusting to see that Journalism has taken such a dark turn these last few years, and that news outlets like CNN have to take people’s words or in this case lack thereof, and spin them so they can acquire more views and clicks in the name of their agenda.

This is yet another sad case of CNN’s pathetic reporting and their lack of legitimate news to report on. CNN has absolutely no business attacking the AG for comments he didn’t even say, in a public forum nonetheless. CNN and other liberal news sources, need to clean up their act and simply begin to report on legitimate news without spinning anything or attacking legitimate politicians for false statements. I truly believe that once they begin doing that, they will be able to become credible news sources once again.

From Massachusetts, Erick Reynolds is a Writer for Drained Media, he’s also a political activist and analyst.


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