Identity Politics: Self Combustion

Billy Ramsay

July 20 , 2018 3:00 PM EST

The left loves the use of divisive identity politics.

Identity politics is the tendency for certain groups of people to form exclusive groups based on shared common characteristics, breaking away from traditional broad based party politics.

The Democratic Party has been using identity politics for decades, in particular with African Americans, however, within the the last decade alone, there is hardly a group untouched from the application of identity politics.

The left uses it to isolate and conquer. They single out a single group of people through the use of a single shared common point between that group of people, and then paint them as victims at the hands of an “unjust system.” The left use the victimization of people to segregate them from the rest of the population to maintain their support. A clear example of this has been the left and African Americans. The left has always painted the Republicans as an all-white, racist party that doesn’t help African-Americans, and that the reason “African-Americans are worse off” is because of Republicans and their policy. People groups might not even be worse off, but the left will feed them these ideologies. The use of identity politics to single out groups of people is common for Democrats.

After isolating them, the left will feed them lies about exclusion from an “unjust system,” and lie saying they are worse off or neglected, and that they should join the inclusive left. This is how the Democratic Party survives. It thrives off effective application of this tactic: isolation through identity politics, victimization, and the false solution that the Democrats are the answer.

The left loves identity politics so much we have even seen the use of it against their own people. The pink pussy hats that were famously worn by feminists in protest against Trump, are now frowned upon because they’re supposedly exclusive and offensive to those with other coloured genetalia. More recently at a pride parade, a bunch of feminists blocked off part of the parade and started protesting against trans people, reasoning that trans people were at some point a man and all men are evil. These are two clear examples of the left attacking and eating itself. The use of identity politics and victimization has no end for the left, and it extends so far that it even will come back and use it on against itself. Trans, gay, and feminists people are all on the left together, yet they are protesting each other. The left uses identity politics to find any sort of form of either exclusion or oppression to protest about and victimize.

Identity politics won’t succeed in the end. Identity politics in little doses could be effective, but in today’s society where identity politics is the lense through which the left sees everything, they end up being racist themselves with preconceived ideas of the conditions and life for certain groups of people. Identity politics and the plan to divide and conquer will ultimately backfire. The left will end up dividing and conquering their own base, and people will begin to see through the twisted tactics of the left, and will join the centre-right or libertarian Republican groups. Identity politics and victimization is overused by the left, and it is to their disadvantage.

The left is missing the main the point. While politicians should be focusing on how to help make peoples lives better, the left focuses on why peoples lives are bad, instead of why and how to fix them. The left will eventually defeat itself through its focus on ignoring real issues and real solutions.

Born and raised in Lexington Kentucky, Blake Hambly is a proud American, working on countless political campaigns across North America. Blake is a political commentator and author, and editor writer-in-chief for Drained Media. Blake is also a Student Ambassador for Prager University. To learn more about PragerU, visit prageru.com.


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