The Potential Future Of The Supreme Court In Under 200 Words

On July 9th, President Donald Trump announced that he chose Brett Kavanaugh as a replacement for incumbent Justice Anthony Kennedy. This was an incredibly interesting choice by President Trump, one which could have a lasting impact on America’s judicial system for generations- having the potential affect on many rulings in coming years. The judge has a track record of being conservative, and favoring corporations over regulations. If Judge Kavanaugh is confirmed, he would be the person who cements a general advantage of Conservatives in the Court. However, Judge Kavanaugh will still have to prove himself to the Senate, because later this summer, or perhaps in the early fall, they will have to vote to confirm him as the next Associate Justice of the United States. It is certain that nobody was completely surprised by this choice, as Kavanaugh had previously worked for Justice Kennedy. As mentioned, if he is confirmed, he will transform the United States Supreme Court into a beacon of Conservatism for generations to come.


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