Obama Meets with Several Democratic Presidential Nominees for 2020

Former President Barack Obama has met several early contenders for the 2020 Presidential Election.

Jackson Heiting

1:00 PM EST | June 24, 2018

Former President Barack Obama has met several early contenders for the 2020 Presidential Election. Some news outlets have been reporting up to nine different candidates that have been meeting up in Obama’s office in DC over the last few weeks.

One of them is Bernie Sanders. Thus far, Sanders has yet to confirm if he will make an attempt at the office in 2020. Reportedly, the interview mainly consisted of the roles that both Sanders and Obama plan to play in the future of the Democratic party.

Another person that spoke to Obama recently is Elizabeth Warren. It appears that the meeting was “warm” and they spoke for 90 minutes primarily talking about the Trump administration. This comes as no surprise as Warren has spoken earlier saying that she was not going to run in 2020.

A third candidate to come in contact with Obama in recent months is Joe Biden.  Biden’s name has been thrown around all over media recently as it appears he might be the early leader on the Democratic ticket. According to Politico, Obama and Biden “remain personally close and speak by phone”. Though, it has also been rumored that Biden will wait until the results of the 2018 midterm before he decides to run or not.

If one thing is for certain it is that one, The Democrats will have a full field to look to forward to in the 2020 election.

Jackson Heiting is a current College student in the state of Wisconsin, where he studies Computer Science and Leadership. He is currently a writer for Drained Media and has been an active participant in many elections both locally and on the national level.


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