An Inside Look at Germany

Billy Ramsay

June 12, 2018 4:00pm EST

Germans are one of the strongest peoples on earth. German people are tough, resilient, and determined. German people can take a lot, they turn the cheek and take a hit, out of the toughness and goodness of their hearts. However, when it gets past a certain point, Germans snap. And when they snap, they snap big time. We’ve seen this happen twice in history. And a third is nearly approaching.

Germany is currently going through an internal crisis. Decisions made international affairs have rocked Germany and led to a hastened decline in German dominance in Germany, and the silent majority of German people are not happy. However, they are taking the hit, for now, in fear of memories of the German nation of past. This will not last forever.

The reason Germany has held up for so long now is a national guilt after the last world war. A national guilt for the blatant racism and attempted genocide of one specific people group in an attempt to create German dominance and hegemony. However, there is a tide rising in Germany, a rumbling, a movement to reclaim German dominance and restore Germany to its rightful place. Germans want change. Dissatisfied with the current direction that Germany is headed in, Germans are getting ready to take a risk. A risk of following someone anti-establishment, anti-political correctness, and anti-liberal. A risk to save Germany. Germans view this as their only hope.

With Germany being overrun, there are only two options. To give in to political correctness and progressivism, going down without as much as a whimper, in which there will be no future for Germany. And the second, to take a risk in the face of global attention, and fight for their future, to reclaim the means of their own country, and determine their own future. This could mean a bloody future, and there is a good chance Germany will not make it out intact, but they will have a chance to make Germany great again. With the only other option with no future for German people, the sensible option is to take a gamble on the chance of reclaiming a nation of majestic glory and heritage.

The dilemma German people are currently facing is that of national pride and national guilt. Ultimately as time becomes more of a factor, the bending German population will snap, and that snap will be huge. The tipping point is approaching shortly.

Blake Hambly is a political commentator and author, and editor writer-in-chief for Drained Media. Born in raised in Lexington, Kentucky, he has worked extensively in countless political campaigns across North America and is a proud American.


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