Nobody Cares About Awards Shows

Billy Ramsay

11 June, 2018 3:00pm EST

On Monday night, actor Robert De Niro slammed US President Donald Trump in his speech at the Tony Awards. De Niro went off on an expletive rant, shouting “I have one thing to say; f*** Trump! It’s no longer down with Trump, it’s f*** Trump!” This is just the latest in a growing trend of celebrities speaking out against Trump and giving other politically influenced speeches at various awards shows, events, and appearances.

The Tony Awards. A large proportion of young people do not even know what the Tony Awards are. Awards shows in general, have been decreasing in viewership and importance. Nobody cares about awards shows anymore. A recent poll by Tylt found that nearly 80% of millennials don’t care about awards shows. Further polls found these numbers are even more polarizing when polling people from the Generation Z demographic.

With viewership rapidly dropping off the charts, one has to ask why nobody cares about awards shows anymore?

This trend is a relatively recent trend, as it has been only in recent years that’s the numbers have really started to go downhill for awards shows and similar events.

One possibility for the drop could be the recent phenomenon of politicizing events and shows such awards shows. In recent years, the number of celebrities speaking out about various political issues and messages has increased rapidly and directly correlates with the decrease in viewership.

The vast majority of these celebrities are exactly what they are speaking out against; the rich, upper-class elite. These shows are essentially elitist democratic parties where celebrities get together and whine about pressing political issues and targeting to fulfill their liberal agendas. These snowflakes spew their toxic political beliefs to feel good about themselves, but the problem is, nobody cares.

People turn on the TV to escape from the world and the politics we are inundated with on the daily. We are slammed with political thought and opinion everywhere we go, and nobody wants to turn on the TV to listen to more politics from Hollywood elites. Everyone is tired of awards shows because of their increasingly politicized nature. Awards shows are losing their cultural relevance and influence because they are trying to influence the very thing that people who turn to awards shows are trying to escape.

People don’t care about your political rants and opinions, Robert De Niro. People see through the hypocritical of rich liberal Hollywood elites, and it is causing people to lose interest in awards shows. If awards shows want to maintain their viewership, they need to go back and focus on what they were created for. Awards shows are to celebrate achievement in music and activist and various entertainment, and to take the mind off the real world and politics for a bit, so people can relax and have a bit of fun. Awards shows need to leave politics to others because when politics comes from potty-mouthed actors, people turn off the television.

Blake Hambly is a political commentator and author, and editor-in-chief for Drained Media. Born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky, he has worked in political campaigns across North America and is a proud American.


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